Family Lab

Is a program created for a parent to participate in together with their child/ren. Each month families can sign up for a new 4-week session. Included in each session is a digital bible-based science curriculum meant to be used outside as you explore hands-on topics that line up with each season. You can choose to purchase and do the curriculum at home, or you can join our community of like-minded families participating in the curriculum weekly at forest school. The curriculum is designed for children ages 3-10, but is very adaptable and learning can be extended to most age ranges. Get the digital curriculum and participate in weekly family forest school sessions for the flat rate of $110 per family per month no matter family size. During class, we'll provide a printed color copy of our curriculum. To participate in weekly family forest school classes, you must register your family and purchase the curriculum. 


Our curriculum is specially designed to include animals, plants or fungi that can really be found in your backyard or local forest in the season our class is hosted. This type of hands-on science learning enables students to be active participants in their own learning, which helps them retain information and understand important scientific concepts.


Come as a family to our weekly forest school class to play games, participate in the curriculum discussion and overview, explore the curriculum hands-on, and then hike through the woods with other participants to discover the topics that were learned about that day.


The family cost for a month-long session is a flat rate of $110 dollars for the paper and digital curriculum and meetings. Payments can be sent via zelle or paypal. Paypal transactions will be issued a 4.5% service fee. To avoid service fees, a digital zelle payment can be sent to Paypal transactions can be paid below. For alternative payment options, please call or text us at 708-740-0131.



Included in the curriculum is a weekly booklist to help curious explorers find more answers during the week, an at-home activity to extend learning each week, and a new bible memory verse to work on each month. At the end of each month, the students recite their memory verse together to win a special prize.


During our 2-hour class we often Do hands-on activities together, go on hikes in the forest and follow the children's lead on what to explore and discover. One of our trained forest school teachers will lead the family forest school session and facilitate each activity and transition.


This session of family lab will be meeting weekly at our forest school site in Mokena, IL. There is a 2- hour class scheduled at either 10am or 10am, 1pm and 3pm at each specific location. Each family may register for one time slot at one location per session. Once your family purchases the curriculum and fills out the registration form, you can expect an email with the curriculum and a parking location and meeting point each week for the entire month. The dates for each meeting are listed on the registration form. 

Family Forest School Calendar

Due to the popularity of this program, we have added a calendar with set days when registration for our monthly sessions will open. You can set a calendar reminder on your phone so you can register before our classes fill up!

Priority registration is only available for families already participating in the program.

Public registration typically opens a week after priority registration begins. 

Our classes fill up quickly! If you want to attend with a friend, be sure to register as soon as registration opens. 

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